After taking an IMPACT STRONG

30 min. Class:

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If you want to get in shape but are crunched for time then this is the gym for you. Impact Strong combines the benefits of personal training with intense cardio exercise. Fully guided classes last 30 minutes and there are several throughout the day, and the instructors are fantastic at motivating everyone to fully engage and push it to the limit. Between the friendly staff and fat-shredding workout sessions this is hands down the best gym I've joined.

30 minutes is all it takes to get Lean, Tone, Strong and Confident!

IMPACT Kickboxing - HIIT Workout - ALL-OUT!

Convenient 30 min workouts that shred fat & make you tone & strong!

Get the body fat and weight loss results that you want.

Endless Variety,  Results & Fun!!

Really extraordinary, “off the chart” results! In only 30 minutes,  you will see your body lean out, and get more muscle tone and definition. I leave this gym both exhilarated and completely spent!

I believe one of the most important parts of having an exercise routine is finding something that motivates you. I joined 3 years ago, and this is what I found here...motivation and excitement to exercise! Everyone there truly cares and make you feel like you're a part of a team. I just renewed for another year. The Trainers are the best, and I recommend you try a class - you’ll love IMPACT STRONG too!


Fast & Effective!

Your choice of 3 workouts


Best Results!

Maximize fat burning!

Burn calories up to 36 hours Post-workout

Our Workout Format – Best of 2014, 2015, & 2016   **American College of Sports Medicine

Lose up to 8 lbs./week!

Ben Carmichael

Melanie Sommers

Kickboxing & Fitness Impact Strong

“It never gets easier,

You just get Stronger...

Anne Cruz

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Impact Strong Fitness Franchises

And it's true...

IMPACT STRONG is a low cost fitness franchise that gives Customers the most of what they are looking for. For example:

  • Our quick (30 min.) classes are based on science, and proven to give our Members the best fat loss and fitness results!
  • Your Members workout with more variety and Fun - IMPACT Kickboxing, HIIT Workout, and ALL-OUT! It’s Private Training in a group setting, with non-stop Variety!
  • We are a fitness franchise based on the *Top Fitness Trend of 2014 & 2015! – *A.C.S.M.

And if you feel like really challenging yourself today, combine both workouts for one hour of “ALL-OUT” Challenge! (Not for beginners.)

You will finish each of these classes soaked in sweat, motivated...and leave feeling energized!

IMPACT Kickboxing and HIIT Workout classes are intense, focused, and self-paced for new beginners to advanced -and just 30 minutes.

For Fat-burning, Body toning, and getting Leaner - Faster, these innovative and one-of-a-kind classes are the perfect workouts for you.

3 Amazing Classes



Now you can get a great body - Faster - with these 3 Workouts:

Be Ready to Sweat!