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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the IMPACT STRONG different than other fitness and kickboxing franchises?

IMPACT STRONG is more than Kickboxing, more than Boot Camps/Group Fitness classes. We have a new and more exciting way to workout that the vast majority of customers prefer, and here's why:

  • Short 30 minute scheduled classes - Less is more - PROVEN Best Results (*A.C.S.M.)!
  • 3 different training options - With endless variety - Not the same stations or standing behind a bag the whole class
  • An amazing workout experience, with top training & equipment in every workout!
  • The popularity of being more than Kickboxing - more than Boot Camps - attracting BOTH of these large groups of customers to your business

How long does it realistically take to effectively launch an IMPACT STRONG Franchise?

The time required depends on three factors - finding and securing a lease in the right location, pre-launch preparation, and adherence to the system. You will be assisted by a business specialist as you move through the process.

What kind of Support will I receive?

Complete Business, Marketing, Staff and Class Training, Access to online education, and Support Help whenever you need. You are also able to send Staff for Training Camps at Headquarters in Austin, TX whenever needed, for free!

What determines the territory of my franchise?

Exclusive territories are based on population densities within Zip Codes. Data is collected and disseminated by Claritas, the most respected demographic reporting company in the industry.   **We will NOT allow other IMPACT STRONG Franchisees to be your competitors!

How much space is required?

From as small as 1,300 to 2,000+ square feet. Our business is very effective in shopping/strip centers, and business parks with street visible signage.

What are the staffing requirements?

The staff needed is determined by the franchise owner’s goals. We show you how to attract some of the best Trainers in your city. Then you will learn everything from selection, how to compensate and indoctrinate, and training them in our Systems. We show you how to effectively manage your staff as they train your Members, energetically lead your classes, and build your business’s success.